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General Information & Knowledge for our guests

  • Keep minimum distance to other people
  • Do not shake hands or hugs
  • Wash hands several times a day with water and soap at least for 30 seconds
  • Avoid touching the face with unclean hands
  • Sneezing or coughing in the bend of your arm or in a handkerchief
  • Online-Check-In possibilities
  • disinfected bed linen
  • touchless disinfection-stationes in the whole hotel
  • Antigen-tests at the hotel for free
  • FFP2 masks mandatory in all public spaces

Up-to-date Information on the Coronavirus Situation

Thus, 2G+ (vaccinated or recovered and PCR-tested) is valid for entry from all countries. Booster vaccination exempts from PCR testing and 3G for commuters remains.

More information you will get with this link:

Information for children from 12 years till 15 years and the required

Austrian „Ninja Pass“ :

Children up to the age of 12 years do not require proff of a low epidemiological risk.

PCR tests

In the Ötztal valley, all residents, employees and guests can take a free PCR test 3 times a week.

The distribution and dispensing stations are located in the local supermarkets at SPAR and MPreis. It is a self-test (gargle test).

To participate, a one-time registration is necessary, then up to 3 PCR tests per week and per person can be collected and performed.

Instructions English

Entrants without a negative PCR test or booster vaccination are subject to registration (Pre-Travel-Clearance) and must be in home quarantine (for guests this is the accommodation) until a negative PCR test result is presented.

- Analogous to the generally applicable framework conditions, proof of 2G+ is generally required, for example, for entry into accommodation, gastronomy, sports facilities, leisure facilities, ski lifts or at events.

- For school-age children, however, the schools' "Ninja Pass" (special for Austrian children) is equivalent to the 2G+ proof. If the test intervals during the week are adhered to in accordance with the school regulations (a PCR test at least 2 times per week), the "Ninja Pass" is also valid as 2G+ proof for catering and accommodation establishments on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the respective week.

- A special regulation is provided for the school-free period:

For children of compulsory school age in Austria who can also show valid proof of testing (at least 2 PCR tests per week) during the school-free period from Monday to Friday, this will continue to count as 2G proof. All further details, especially regarding documentation, are currently being worked out together with the Ministry of Health. The validity period for antigen tests is 48 hours and for PCR tests 72 hours from sample collection.

This system is also to apply to children (up to the age of 15) travelling to Austria who do not have a "Ninja Passport".


You will notice the following security measures during your Madeleine stay:

Our employees
  • From November 1st, the 3G obligation applies to our employees (vaccinated, recovered or tested)
  • They will be tested regularly
  • FFP2 masks mandatory
Cleanliness & Hygiene

Cleanliness & hygiene are always a special priority for us anyway, but we have taken the current requirement to test and adapt our cleaning and hygiene measures accordingly.

Particularly in the public guest areas, we have increased the desiccation frequency and also in our area we have established appropriate rules that allow you the best possible usability of the rooms. For the saunas and steam bath, reduced maximum capacities apply and the visit to these must be registered/reserved at the hotel reception. The jacuzzi is also fully available, subject to distance rules and limited maximum occupancy.


In gastronomy, the quality of the classic restaurant service at the table is once again in the foreground and displaces the permanent variety at the buffet – also here, the enjoyment is not restricted but changed. Less choice brings more freshness to your plate. And you can sit comfortably at your table and enjoy the fist-class service.

  • At the restaurant you will be accompanied to your table on the day of arrival. You will keep it during your stay for breakfast and dinner.
  • The safety distance between the tables is kept generously.
  • More attention is paid to hygiene at buffets. We also ask you to disinfect your hands in advance. In the evening, all courses are served at the table as best as possible.
  • Our menu and beverage cards are disinfected several times a day.
  • FFP2 masks mandatory when you'll leave your table
Vital area


  • A maximum of 4 persons may be in the pool at the same time and there is a minimum distance of 1 meter in the pool.
  • The jacuzzi is operated with a slightly increased chlorine level.

Sauna (90°C)

  • In the sauna there is a minimum distance of 1 meter.
  • Occupancy with a maximum of 3 persons or joint household/families.
  • Access only after reservation, no air spill.

Bio Sauna (60°C)

  • In the sauna there is a minimum distance of 1 meter.
  • Occupancy with a maximum of 3 persons or joint household/families.
  • Access only after reservation, no air spill.

Steam bath

  • A minimum distance of 2 meters applies in the steam bath.
  • Occupancy with a maximum of 2 persons or joint household/families.
  • Access only after reservation.

Infrared cabin

  • In the cabin there is a minimum distance of 1 meter.
  • Occupancy with a maximum of 3 persons or joint household/families.
  • Access only after reservation.

Water/Juice bar

  • The water and juice bar for free removal remains, disposal gloves must be used for this.


  • Again, the 1 meter distance rule applies. Please use the loungers with a bath towel.
Rooms & Suites
  • In your private holiday home you will notice only minimal changes – we use cleaning agents adapted to the circumstances with improved disinfecting effect and as always, we pay special attention to the highest cleaning quality.
  • There are no newspapers/magazines on – we will be happy to give you the current TV programme as a personal copy at the reception.
  • Door handles and lift boards are disinfected several times a day in the rooms and in all public areas.
  • Please ventilate your room regularly!
Covid commissioner at the hotel

Family Gstrein is at your disposal at any time for questions or concerns.

Numbers and facts

Measures, facts and figures for Obergurgl can be read here.

Our heart concern: Keep and stay healthy!

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